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Here's what we can Test for You!

Radiation from nearby mobile phone towers.

The output from your smart meter on your switchboard.

We can measure the electric and magnetic fields on your beds using 3-Dimensional testing equipment with colour coded displays.

We can measure your body voltage while in the sleeping position on your bed and use power management to lower high values.

The radiation output from devices inside your home including Wi-Fi modems, computers, cordless phones and many more. We can then offer advice on alternative low radiation options.

Here's why we can help You!

Registered A-Grade Electrician with over 30 years experience. 

We use professional German instruments that record your test results. 

We import the latest screening paints, fabrics and films from Germany and we can give you in-home demonstrations of how well these products work to screen your home.  

We can give advice on the best placement of the electrical equipment and technology to minimise your family's exposures. 

We share your concern about our changing world and are here to Help You!

About Us

My name is Liam O'Regan and I am the owner of Emf-Aware.

Like you I am concerned about the direction the Wireless Industry is taking our World.
I have major concerns especially with regard to radio-frequency exposures of our children at early-learning centres, childcare and schools.
To learn more please visit my blog page.

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If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me no matter where you are located.
I will try and answer them as soon as possible, by email or phone.

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