Tests we do as part of a Home  Check

    What's in your area?

  • Before I arrive at your property I go online to the Australian Communication and Media site to find out what transmissions are being broadcast near your home.
  • These transmissions can be from radio and television towers and mobile phone and NBN towers.
  • You will be given a printed copy of this.
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    Smart meter check

  • Many homeowners are worried about their exposures  to smart meter transmissions.
  • They can be associated with poor sleep especially if you sleep in the same room sharing a wall where a smart meter is located on the outside.
  • I take a recording of the output of the meter (these can vary considerably) and advise on what action could be taken to reduce exposures.

Radio frequency test in your home.

  • This test uses 2 high frequency analysers to measure the high frequency emissions from a variety on sources.
  • These can include WiFi, cordless telephones, wireless routers, game consoles and smart phones.
  • Sources entering your home from the outside can include mobile phone towers and emissions from houses close to your own.

Electro-magnetic field test in bedrooms.

  • This is a low frequency test of appliances and electrical wiring.
  • This test measures electric and magnetic fields in sleeping areas.
  • Sleeping areas are checked to make sure appliances have not been placed on the adjacent wall to a bed.

    Body voltage test in bedrooms

  • This test is carried out on all beds with a human test subject lying in the sleeping position.
  • The body voltage is then measured with a earth reference.
  • The higher the measured result usually means the person is sleeping in a comparatively higher electric and/or magnetic field.
  • The power circuits near the sleeping area are then de-energised to show the electrical circuits that are the source of the body voltage.

 3 Dimensional bed test 

  • These 2 tests measure the electric and magnetic fields in x,y and z axes on the bed.
  • 9 reading are taken in total, 3 from the head area, 3 from the torso and 3 from the foot area
  • This test is an automatic test and a colour coded image is displayed showing results.

    I offer a full shielding service which includes:

  • Applying conductive tapes and earthing system needs (this must only be carried out by a qualified electrician).
  • Wall preparation and rolling walls and ceilings (this can be done by me or qualified painters or owner).
  • Important! Testing once shielding paint is dry to verify shielding paint has an even coverage and does not need extra coats.
  • Applying undercoat over shielding paint and then final wall and ceiling coats.
  • I can also relay carpet if floor has to be lifted up for painting purposes.

    Electrical services

  • Shifting cables from under beds is sometimes necessary due to high magnetic fields which are difficult to shield.
  • Installation of and removal of wiring behind the bed head.
  • Any other electrical work needed in the house.
Conductive taping
Applying shielding paints

Installation of conductive tape for earthing electric fields prior to painting walls with the YShield paint.

The graphite paint is conductive and so has metallic properties which when earthed remove the electric field coming from wiring within the buildings walls and ceiling.

Cutting in walls and ceilings with graphite paint.

Rolling walls and ceilings with graphite paint.

At least 2 coats of graphite paint is needed for good coverage.

The smart meter area will often require more paint over that particular area.

After shielding paint has been applied, one coat of undercoat is applied then 2 wall coats in original wall colour (or new colour if desired).


Grid of conductive tape for painting wood floor with electric field shielding paint.

The paint floor is then earthed at the switchboard to conduct electric field away from sleeping area.


Floor is painted with hard-wearing deck paint and carpet is then relayed.

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