Testing Services


We offer an onsite testing service where we come to your home or office.
We test all sources of electromagnetic fields and wireless communications from internal and external sources.
Special attention is placed on the sleeping areas of the home.
We have 3-dimensional testing equipment that measures electric and magnetic fields that can be viewed on a laptop computer.

Data Analysis

We record the results of tests taken in your home or workplace.
The test results are shown to the client using a laptop computer.
Recording results simplifies the analysis by utilizing simple graphs where you, the client, can see what's going on in your home.
This is a far easier method than trying to understand lots of complex numbers and units of measurement.

Remedial Action Plan

After we analyze the test results, we offer advice on the best action to take to reduce exposures.
In many cases, effective results can be achieved during the day of the test by relocation and isolation of devices.  However, in more complicated serious situations we give sound advice on the best way to achieve excellent results. 

Screening Services

Painting & Screening Services

We offer a painting service for bedrooms that have Smart Meters installed on one of the outside walls.
In some cases when external sources are very close to the home, a mobile phone tower, for example, internal walls can be painted to stop radio waves from entering the home.

Computer Cabling

We install computer cables, known as Ethernet, and allows computers to access the Internet without using WiFi.

General Advice

Have your questions answered by phone or online.
Please feel free to use our contact page for general enquiries and advice.

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