Testing Services

We come to your home or workplace and can audit all sources of Electromagnetic Radiation from common sources.
These include High Frequency emissions from Smart meters,  mobile phone towers, and Wi-Fi etc.
Low frequency emissions like electric fields, magnetic fields from high voltage lines and sources in your home and workplace.
We can record these tests and advice on the best way to reduce exposures for you and your family.

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Painting & Screening

We offer painting and screening services.  We can arrange the installation of window films if needed.
We record EMF/EMR test results before painting/and or screening work has begun.
We then record test results after screening tests to show reduced levels in your home.

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We can give advice on how to lower your exposure levels especially in your own home.
This includes the use of Ethernet cables instead of using Wi-Fi.  What is the best way to establish a low EMF sleeping location.
Safer use of mobile phones in homes and vehicles.
Advice on the best placement of appliances to reduce unwanted exposures, eg microwave ovens and cooking appliances.

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Want to know more about EMF?

Why not go to our Learn about EMF page.