I am an electrical contractor and I have worked in the electrical field for 30 plus years.
I became interested in electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies when the Victorian Government made it mandatory for householders to have a Smart Meter installed at their homes.
At that stage, I knew very little about radio frequencies and decided to investigate how they worked and operated.

I was also concerned that once installed the Smart Meter cannot be switched off and the option of keeping your analogue meter was highly unlikely.

I started doing my own research into electromagnetic fields and realised how deficient my own training as an electrician had been!
There has been lots of research completed over many years showing serious health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields.
Both magnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation have been placed in the Class 2B carcinogen category meaning they are 'possibly' cancer-causing.

I believe the public has a right to know the possible dangers of these emissions that we are exposed to daily at work, in our homes and especially during our sleep.

With an open and honest dialogue between the electric power and wireless companies could allow a complete transformation in our lives. We could then re-design the current system for the betterment of human health while still allowing the safe use of electricity and wireless communications.


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