How I got involved in Testing EMF


I am not a Building Biologist and have never been trained as one.
I am a Electrical Contractor and I have spent most of my life working on large commercial and industrial projects (overseas), commercial lighting and domestic wiring.

To be honest before I got involved in the EMF Testing area I understood very little about Electricity and how it can effect a person's health.
Although I received excellent training to become an Electrician there was a big gap in knowledge of what I knew then and what I know now.

As Electricians we are taught the basic Electrical Theory of how electromagnetic energy makes things work.  How electricity is generated and supplied to consumers.
We are taught about circuit loading so you don't overload cables and protective devices, like fuses and circuit breakers.

Also important things like minimizing fire risk and electric shock, not only for yourself,  but your work colleagues and the general public.
Apart from Safety Switches (which are an excellent safety device for your home or business),  I received very little information about my own personal health working in a electromagnetic work environment.

Looking back I consider this is almost negligent by not warning the very people who will work with electricity for most of their lives, about this aspect.

Smart Meter Shielding

When I got envolved

I had left electrical work and was studying second year science at university hoping to change my career and become a teacher.

This was about the time the Victorian Government rolled out their mandatory Smart Meter legislation.
I did not know what a Smart Meter was at the time, let alone how they worked.
But I did know one thing!  I did not want one on my house.

My big concern was that Smart Meters used radio frequencies to communicate information back to the retailer.
At the time I knew very little about radio frequencies apart from the fact that I needed one to make my radio work on the job site.

Not long after this I went on a hunch decided to purchase a full set of Gigahertz Solutions Professional set of instruments direct from Germany.

How Things have Changed?

Once I had the instruments I spent almost 2 years doing my own experiments and field testing.
I also read very interesting books by doctors who had conducted their own research into the health effects of magnetic fields, electric fields and radio frequency radiation.

Without good instruments we have no idea about the energy that surrounds us every day that we use in our homes and workplace.

For those of you who are interested,  NASA produced a short video (3 mins) on this very subject.  See video.

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